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5 Things Every Gymnast NEEDS

Gymnastics is the sport we all love... that's why we are here, isn't it?

After a lot of thought and consideration, we have decided on a list of things that every Gymnast needs. We also asked the community for their thoughts on our Instagram as well!

NUMBER ONE: A Gymnastics T-Shirt, of course!

It's the basic of all basics - a T-Shirt. The question is... do you have a Gymnastics one?

All other "mainstream" sports have access to cute merchandise and apparel all year round. Now, Gymnastics fans do as well!

NUMBER TWO: A Gymnastics Hoodie that you're proud to wear beyond the gym!

There is nothing worse than a boring piece of apparel. You spend your hard earned money on something, you want to be able to wear it, proudly, everywhere.

NUMBER THREE: A Gymnastics Tote for all of your goodies!

Gymnasts have a lot of... stuff, let's say. Depending on the discipline, you have grips, slippers, an extra gymsuit, shorts, chalk, you name it! Sport your favorite sport (GYMNASTICS!) while carrying everything you need!

NUMBER FOUR: A Phone Case!

Bring your love for Gymnastics into your everyday life, and with you on the go. A Phone Case can be simple, but it can also be exciting and fun!


Now, you can't find EVERYTHING you might want to based in Gymnastics... yet! So in the meantime, carrying and decorating your life with Gymnastics based Stickers will suffice. For you, for family, for your friends, share your love of Gymnastics!

Our Community Thoughts!

We asked our good friends on Instagram what else Gymnasts need, and they came with some very thoughtful answers that we would like to share.

1. A great coach

2. Teammates

3. Team Gear

4. Goals

5. To be brave!

What else does a Gymnast need? Let us know!

Flippin' Squad

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